Classical Counterpoint

Yale School of Music’s only female composition professor shares an unconventional voice.

Hannah Lash is an award-winning composer and professor at the Yale School of Music. Photo by Jennifer Lu. Hannah Lash’s first love was Bach. She remembers the first time she heard his music: “I wanted to create it. I wanted to figure out how it worked,” she says. It didn’t matter that she was only 4 years old and that she hadn’t yet learned proper music notation in her Suzuki violin lessons. “I had this little system of X’s, dots, and dashes and things, and. . . Read more
Eric Lin
Music Moguls

Yale School of Music out of tune with undergraduates.

When Richard Levin’s Yale renovates, its architects tear buildings down and re-imagine them. And when the Yale School of Music’s Dean, Robert Blocker, imagines—with a $100 million gift at his disposal—he imagines shamelessly. This July, the School of Music’s orchestra, the Philharmonia, will travel to China to perform with Beijing’s Central Conservatory—a full Yale ensemble, five hundred Chinese singers, and two Yale graduates flown in from the Metropolitan Opera, performing on one stage at the 2008 Cultural Olympiad, the artistic companion to the Olympic Games.. . . Read more
Mitchell Reich