A student pedals across Connecticut one fine day.

Secrets Are No Fun

A freshman looks for a niche in the Yale Society for the Exploration of Campus Secrets.

Small Things and Big Things

Mathematics professor Michael Frame’s world is built of self-similar patterns.

Dreaming On

Life after graduation for Yale students who are undocumented immigrants.

Handsome Dan

The most lionized animal in the New Haven jungle.


The place of bicycles among Yale’s Gothic spires.

Talking Shops

The story of a street, a city, and a school.

The Critic

Scenes with David Koskoff, Yale undergraduate theater’s biggest fan.

Riot Girl

In 1996 Sara Marcus left Yale, after violent threats to LGBTQ students were shrugged off by the administration. How far has Yale come since?

Hurting Enough

A tattoo artist named Duck helps one Yalie confront his fear of needles.